Strategy AI Game

The game was made in the Godot engine. You take turns with the AI moving around the board. When you are next to the enemy, you can attack them. Each action you do depletes the amount of actions you can do. The red shows how far you can move, determined by how many actions you have left. I don’t own the sprites. The game was made in collaboration with one other person, but all AI code is mine.

This AI was made for an ambitious, discontinued strategy game. The AI takes the entire playing field into account while assigning points to each square based on how valuable it’s to be there. The enemy players distance, how many of them there are, and how far they can go and how strong they are, and how far the AI itself is and how many allies it has, are all taken into account when counting each moves worth. This allows for simple but advanced strategies such as hit and run, finishing off weak players, and evading large groups of players while running toward it’s own allies, then ganging up on the closest enemies together. Path finding is of course implemented as well.

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